Systems Thinking Sheffield

Welcome to the home of the Systems Thinking Sheffield group.

Please note: This group is now closed. You can read the announcement on the mailing list.

Next meeting: Thu 26 April - Fantastical Systems: Live Action Role-Playing

What is Systems Thinking?

Systems Thinking is a way of looking at organisations as cohesive units, and ensuring that each part contributes to the organisation’s goal. When this is not done, both the organisation and the people it aims to help can suffer.

A canonical type of example is the purchasing department that is rewarded for finding the cheapest supplier of a component, while the manufacturing plant loses ten times the amount saved accommodating unsuitable parts.

About the group

This group is a regular meeting of people interested in applying Systems Thinking to improving organisations. Systems Thinking has been applied in areas as diverse as software, engineering, healthcare and local government. We are interested in gathering together people who use and/or want to learn about Systems Thinking tools and methodologies and related areas such as:

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, and we are open to new ideas.


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