Systems Thinking Sheffield

SysThinkSheff 2: Why Won't My Car Start?
Thu 24 February 2011, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: The GIST Lab
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This month, Ashley Moran will be running an interactive session exploring cause-and-effect logic in systems. Starting with models of simple systems, we will then look at how cause-and-effect reasoning can be used to tackle complex problems in human organisations.

The session will introduce the Current Reality Tree (CRT) thinking tool from the Theory of Constraints body of knowledge. The CRT helps you decompose complex business situations into small, simple steps, and then identify the root causes of business problems. This enables you to tackle the real issues in your organisation and not just treat the symptoms.

Below are two example of cause-and-effect diagrams. The second is in the traditional form of a CRT to model a business problem.

First example: starting a car - IF there is fuel in the tank AND the battery is charged AND I turn the key THEN the car starts

Car starting

Second example: demonstrating one way you can end up with unhappy customers - IF orders are late OR quality is low THEN customers are unhappy

Sales and quality CRT

Ashley Moran is a software developer and Lean/Agile coach. He is the owner of PatchSpace Ltd, where he routinely applies the Theory of Constraints thinking tools to his own business problems.

The GIST Lab is part of the Showroom-Workstation building, opposite Sheffield Station. Directions can be found on The GIST Hub here.

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