Systems Thinking Sheffield

SysThinkSheff 3: Fixing the Flaws in Government IT
Thu 31 March 2011, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue: The GIST Lab
Sign up: free ticket

This month, we will be holding a discussion of the UK Government’s recently report into improving development and interoperability of IT.

The report was conducted by the Institute for Government and was announced on their website. You can download the full report, System Error: Fixing the flaws in government IT, as a PDF, or view it online.

As an alternative perspective, we may also like to consider the paper Why it is important that Software Projects Fail, which argues that Parkinson’s Law (that work expands to fill the available time) means that more efficient Government IT will only lead to more bureaucratic regulations.

For the Systems Thinking Sheffield meeting, we’ll hold a fishbowl conversation. This type of discussion gives everyone a fair opportunity to contribute and also keeps the topic on track.

Reading the report is suggested but optional, as it’s quite long. However, the organiser will have read the full report, so at least one person will be available as a reference.

The GIST Lab is part of the Showroom-Workstation building, opposite Sheffield Station. Directions can be found on The GIST Hub here.

If you're coming along, please grab a free ticket here. (We'll let you in if you turn up at the last minute, but it make the GIST guys' lives loads easier if you can sign up!)