Systems Thinking Sheffield

SysThinkSheff 4: Learn about product development with getKanban
Tue 06 December 2011, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue: The GIST Lab
Sign up: free ticket

This month, we’ll be learning about kanban systems in product development by playing the getKanban board game.

Kanban evolved first in Toyota for scheduling production. It has since been adopted at other companies and adapted to work in product development. In software, the Kanban methodology is becoming a popular way to manage the development process.

Kanban as used in software is interesting from a systems thinking perspective in many ways:

The session will be run by Ash Moran. Ash Moran is a software developer, Lean/Agile coach, and the owner of PatchSpace Ltd, where has been using kanban systems in software for several years. He has recently also run the game at the Limited WIP Society Manchester. You can see a photo of the game in action here:

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If you're coming along, please grab a free ticket here. (We'll let you in if you turn up at the last minute, but it make the GIST guys' lives loads easier if you can sign up!)