Systems Thinking Sheffield

SysThinkSheff 5: High Speed Rail: Britain and France
Thu 23 February 2012, 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Venue: The GIST Lab
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High speed rail

This month’s topic is High Speed Rail. We’ll have three parts to the session:

High speed rail is interesting from a systems point of view from many angles. The infrastructure has evolved over a long time. The rail network must both compete and co-operate with other transport systems, and even within the rail system there are competing forms of transport. Management of the network capacity is a complex problem, so information quality and feedback are important to it. And extending rails networks is a hot political topic, which can’t be separated from social and political systems. All in all, it will certainly spark a good discussion!

The session will be run by Katie Fenn. Katie is an amateur rail enthusiast. Katie would like to point out that she is not an expert on this (extensive) subject, and therefore anyone with more knowledge on some of the more technical areas is encouraged to contribute. The discussion is open to anyone, regardless of experience of the rail system.

If you're coming along, please grab a free ticket here. (We'll let you in if you turn up at the last minute, but it make the GIST guys' lives loads easier if you can sign up!)