Systems Thinking Sheffield

SysThinkSheff 6: Fantastical Systems: Live Action Role-Playing
Thu 26 April 2012, 6.45pm - 8.45pm
Venue: The GIST Lab
Sign up: free ticket

This month’s topic is Live Action Role-Playing (LARP). In LARP, people act out the characters they are playing in historical or fantastical scenarios. Games are structured and mediated by the organisers but each player is free to act however they like so long it abides by the game rules.

There are two broad parts to a LARP system: the game mechanics and its subsystems, and also the system designed to support the games in progress. The purpose of LARP games is to allow the players to have fun and be safe, and this guides their design. Organisers set rules, add and remove information flows, restrict resources and take many other actions to stimulate a fun game. Games quickly create their own economic and political hierarchies, among many other effects. Organisers take feedback from games and use this to restructure the games and the way they organise them. In short, there’s no shortage of systems topics to discuss!

The session will be run by Richard Allsebrook. Richard has been taking part and help organise LARP games for many years, ranging from small club level ones such as “The Realm” to massively multi-player fest events like “The Gathering”.

If you're coming along, please grab a free ticket here. (We'll let you in if you turn up at the last minute, but it make the GIST guys' lives loads easier if you can sign up!)